Hackathon problem statements

5 Easy Hackathon Problem Statements

Hackathon problem statements are an vital part of the competitive hackathon process. These key statements describe the problem at hand that wishes learning and solving. If you have not started your hackathon/ competitive coding journey yet, understand that the hackathon journey can be like not anything you have felt before. In this article, we can provide you with a short on hackathons, hackathon problem statements, a way to address them, and additionally offer you with a repository of sample/ mock hackathon troubles for practice.

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A hackathon is an event, generally hosted through a tech organisation or organization, in which programmers get together for a brief time frame to collaborate on a project. The contributors work quickly and regularly work without sleep to attain their task, because the occasions normally only remaining 24 hours or take place over a weekend.

Hackathon problem statements are an vital part of the competitive hackathon process. These key statements describe the problem at hand that wishes learning and solving. If you have not started your hackathon/competitive coding journey yet, understand  that the hackathon journey can be like not anything you have felt before. In this article, we can provide you with a short on hackathons, hackathon problem statements, a way to address them, and additionally offer you with a repository of sample/ mock hackathon troubles for practice.

Working together produces better results than working alone, especially when it comes to innovating new ways to use technology and protect it from potential vulnerabilities. Hackathons allow people in the same industry to gather and learn from each other’s successes and failures. Professionals get to meet and collaborate, solve problems, share skills, and contribute to the development of better products.

A hackathon also means a lot of high-quality communication and new acquaintances. Even if you came with a group, you will make contacts with mentors, juries, or organisers. Each contact has the potential to result in a benefit, such as a shared project, a job offer, an investment, or simply timely advice.

Getting ideas, like being an entrepreneur who searches for issues to address, is not rocket science. You must also be aware of issues affecting your town, state, country, and the entire world.

As I previously stated, numerous factors must be considered when selecting a theme/project idea for a Hackathon. You should pose some thought-provoking questions to yourself and answer them objectively.

  • How will the Project Affect Society?
  • Is the Project Concept Viable?
  • Can I find the right people to implement it?
  • Will your Ideas and theories be something that people cannot live without?
  • Will the Product Survive?

We have additional issues to watch toward when it comes to the Hackathon, but I’ll stop here for now. So let’s get started with the main reason for assembling this Post: 5 easy hackathon problem statements.

Some of the easy topics of hackathon problem statements are given below-

An app that handles all of the challenges that college students experience, such as obtaining an internship or an employment, balancing their life and education, negotiating student loan debt, organising their assignments, establishing deadlines, and keeping track of their grades. It’s one of the most creative hackathon problem statements for beginners.

Hospitals and big medical institutions deal with a vast amount of data, records, and reports, such as transactional records, patients’ medical records, consult records, and so on. You may create a secure information management solution for patients and hospitals that keeps track of everything, regardless of doctor changes, health concerns, or anything else. With a single login, patients and doctors may access all of their information.

You and your technological pals can launch a project to help individuals deal with cybercrime or bullying. I realise it’s difficult to begin, but individuals and society really need assistance in this field. It’s also a wonderful hackathon project concept because government officials aren’t always up to date or easy to approach. This concept might potentially lead to the formation of a private corporation capable of dealing with all of these concerns.

Some industries and vocations are more risky than others. It is a big problem to keep people safe or perhaps even secured in these jobs. You may apply cutting-edge technology to remove or decrease risk and problems. And if you can create anything that can replace employees in these industries, it will be a huge relief. If you’re searching for a nice hackathon project idea, consider this one.

Every month, about 1 billion individuals use Google Maps throughout the world. This excellent programme with GPS technology, which can be used on a smartphone or in a vehicle, is practically everyone’s guide on dangerous routes. The software may also track the exact speed of the car. We can create a decent system that tracks speed and generates an automated e-challan for overspeeding with some good code and a little bit of intelligence. It will be a less expensive option for a larger goal.

These are a few of the topics of hackathon problem statements.  We hope this post continues to inspire and encourages you to work on a long term project. If you want to know more about about hackathon then you can visit the official website. If you enjoyed this post, please share it.

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