Technologies to Improve Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) refers to a customer's perception of a company or brand. It includes everything the client thinks about your company, from how kind your personnel is on the phone to how simple your website is to use. A pleasant customer experience is critical to your capacity to retain customers and attract new ones. What is the great majority of people's preferred manner of service? Digital.Many businesses are already utilizing technology to provide efficient and cost-effective customer service — even if it is as simple as addressing consumer questions on Facebook.Let's take a look at various technologies to improve customer experience while also contributing to your long-term success.

Gauravgo imageTo create an exceptional customer experience, you must first understand your customer’s individual requirements. Market research is one method, but it is not the sole method. AI can assist in the tracking of client activities such as:

  • What buyers look for
  • What they buy

This information may then be utilized to offer recommendations that the consumer is likely to appreciate.

AI technologies like as machine learning, natural-language comprehension, and natural-language processing may also rapidly and massively assess client sentiment and feedback., an Indian employment portal, for example, employs AI-based algorithms to make the digital experience of seeking a job/employee simple and beneficial for both recruiters and applicants. The app matches the appropriate candidate/skillset to the appropriate job profile.

Gauravgo imageA ‘chatbot’ is a piece of software that interacts with people via a live chat interface, which can be textual or voice-based.

Chatbots are frequently offered on commercial websites or platforms such as Skype, Messenger, and WhatsApp. While AI is used in most bots, certain bots can be useful and effective without it.

Chatbots’ live chat function allows you to establish personal connections with your consumers by offering real-time information. Its natural language processing capability analyzes the customer’s question and offers the appropriate response. Chatbots’ diverse conversational personas (for example, technical or pleasant) assist in bringing clients back.

Tata Capital, an Indian financial firm, launched the TIA chatbot in 2019. Customers may now acquire a loan from Tata Capital in only a few minutes thanks to TIA.

Gauravgo imageCustomers may be won over to AR and VR technology by providing a more customized digital experience. Because AR and VR technologies can give a truly immersive experience, your consumers will no longer have to assume or mentally picture how a certain product would look on them.

For example, Lenskart, an Indian spectacle manufacturer, includes a ‘3D Try On’ function on both their website and app. The function captures the customer’s face from all angles and gives a realistic experience by displaying how the frame would appear on them.

AR and VR improve the client experience by allowing customers to virtually put on glasses, apparel, wigs, and other accessories, giving them a 360-degree perspective of themselves. As a consequence, this function allows users to spend less time returning unwanted things and more time shopping.

Gauravgo imageIoT is the next technology that can improve consumer experience. Customers are engaging with more linked gadgets than ever before; the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected objects.

Businesses may use the data collected from these devices to build stronger relationships with clients and provide a better digital experience.

IoT is capable of:

  • Improve the client experience by immediately recognizing and correcting any errors in operational processes.
  • Monitor client inquiries, visits, and services used, and use that data to enhance the goods or services.
  • Customers’ purchasing and engagement decisions may be influenced by delivering discounts, special event notifications, and other reminders, as well as creating direct links between real-world activities and digital experiences.

Citibank is an example of a firm that is utilizing IoT. Their Bluetooth-enabled technology with IoT beacons allows customers to use ATMs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gauravgo imageThe location service technology tracks a person’s whereabouts using GPS technology on a smartphone (if the individual has opted in to enable it).

This technology enables businesses to provide a more tailored and convenient customer experience based on the consumer’s location.

Bose India, for example, employed location-based advertising to increase awareness of their new product introduction in important locations. The campaign targeted persons in their target demographic who:

  • Arrived within 500 meters of any airport in India
  • I’ve been at 5-star hotels near any airport.
  • I lived in the top 10% of residential neighborhoods.

All were presented in-app adverts with product details, which directed them to a landing page with the location of the nearest Bose store. Over 5,000 clicks were delivered every day for Bose India over the campaign’s run.

By giving information on the actual location of the business and its offers, this technology reduces clients’ shopping time. It also assists customers in budgeting their buying because the facts and pricing are contained inside the program itself.

Gauravgo imageThus, the aforementioned digital technologies assist organizations in improving interactions, communication, connection, and cooperation with consumers in order to improve the entire customer experience. Learn more about GauravGo’s various hosting packages!

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