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We are providing the best pc game free of cost in where you can relate with reality. Computer gaming technology is rapidly evolving. We believe in developing the greatest free pc game that links you virtually to reality. Each game is based on true stories or individuals that teach you something.

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This game honors  former Chief Minister Odisha , Lt. Biju Patnaik. In 1947, Biju Patnaik, a brilliant pilot, flew the Dakota to Java with his wife Gyan Patnaik, herself a pilot, to rescue Indonesian freedom fighters Sultan Sjahrir and Achmad Sukarno from a jungle hideout. The story is conveyed entirely through the game Bhoomiputra. Through this game, we hope to raise awareness of his role in the Indonesian struggle movement.

The entire game “BHOOMIPUTRA” revolves around the story of Indonesia’s independence fight with the Dutch and the vital role of outstanding character Biju Patnaik in protecting Indonesia’s then-prime minister and vice president.

The game has three levels: Jakarta Calling, Baliyatra, and the ultimate Bhoomiputra. All levels offer distinct obstacles and goals, and players must complete all missions successfully to advance to the next level. While playing, the player is constantly reminded of nationalism and Biju Babu’s commitment to the battle, which makes them proud.

This game is available free to download & play in multiple languages supporting – Odia , Hindi & English 



The game “SENA” (Strike & Encounter For Nation By Abhinandan) centers around the plot of the air strike carried out by the Indian Air Force and its militants in retaliation for the Pulwama assault carried out by the Pakistani terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad. On 14 February 2019, a convoy of cars transporting Indian security personnel on the Jammu–Srinagar National Highway was assaulted by a vehicle-borne suicide bomber in the Pulwama region of the former state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The primary hero in the gameplay of SENA (the finest PC game of all time) is none other than our airforce fighter pilot “Sri Abhinandan Varthaman.” The game is constructed in such a manner that it represents his whole journey, from the start of the struggle after the Pulwama assault for India, to his plane accident and landing in Pakistan, to his difficult survival in Pakistan, and eventually to his joyous return to India. We are glad to state that throughout the game, the player experiences a sense of nationalism or even adopts the role of a genuine “Abhinandan Sir” fighting terrorists for survival and attempting to escape.

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