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Gauravgo gives you  many option to buy domain & hosting from price starting from ₹0. To solve your doubts we have created  tutorial videos that let you know how to purchase hosting plan , how to get your free domain & hosting, hosting setup tutorial and many more.

how get free domain

Why we are the best free web hosting site?

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Whether you want to promote your business or make its presence online, Gauravgo is the best free website builder chosen by 1000+ happy clients.
Client trust "Gauravgo" because of expert hosting support, superior performance and reliability .

Where and how students can get free web hosting?

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Every student has money-related problems in the student period. For them Gauravgo act as a treasure.
-Go to Gauravgo web site
-Choose your hosting plan
-Register a domain name
-Configure your package options
-Here you go
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How to get free domain name?

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Now getting a Domain name is just a piece of cake by the help of "Gauravgo".
-Go to
-Select a web hosting plan
-Choose your billing terms
-Create your account
-Enter payment information
-Claim your free domain