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How To Buy - FAQ

Gauravgo provides services that anyone may use by following these simple steps. To buy your own domain name, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Visit gauravgo.com and click on Get Started.

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2. Now, you will see a search bar where you can begin your domain search.

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3. If your desired domain name is available, you will see the price for the domain.Then you can proceed by clicking Add to Cart.

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4. Then click on Checkout.

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5. You can now review your domain name and add hosting if you want. If you want to use custom nameservers then enter them in the space provided. Finally you can click on Continue to make payment.

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Gauravgo offers a fast, secure, and easy-to-use shared hosting solutions that will allow you to get your website up and running quickly. To avail the same for yourself follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Visit gauravgo.com and click on Get Started.

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2. Now, click on Order Hosting.

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3. Here, you will see four different hosting plans. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Click on Order Now to select your plan.

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4. In the next page, you will three options to choose a domain.

i) Choose the first option if you do not have an existing domain.Gauravgo also provides domain name registration. Enter your desired domain name in the space provided and click on Check.

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ii) If you already have a domain name, choose the second option. Write your domain name and click on Use.

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iii) Choose the third option if you want to use subdomain from gauravgo. Type your name and click on Check.

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5. Now, the checkout page will appear where you can fill out your details and make the payment.

Congratulations on your successful purchase of Gauravgo hosting.

General FAQ

Web hosting is the business of housing , serving and maintaining files for one or more websites .It is a service that makes  your sites or web application accessible on the internet. It is a type of Internet hosting service that hosts websites for clients,and it offers the facilities required for them to create and maintain a site and makes it accessible on the World Wide Web. 

Web hosting work by maintaining stable and secure storage  spaces. It provides more than just simple, data storage. Hosts store data on hardare clled web servers, which allows for easy maintaince and access by online users.

There are  mainly six types of web hosting :

 Shared hosting
VPS(virtual private server) hosting
Dedicated hosting 
Cloud hosting
WordPress hosting 
Reseller hosting

A domain name  is a word along with a LTD  that uniquely identifiers your website .

Websites are basically a collection of web pages and content related to it which is identified by a unique domain name.They are stored and published on a certain server. This is called hosting of a website. Also, this hosting can be moved to a new server.

If you are not satisfied with the customer service or the features or the price of hosting provided by your current hosting company, you can transfer your hosting to the company of your choice. Follow the steps below for a smooth website migration.

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Steps to move your website.

1. Do not cancel your plan, migrate first

One of the most common error made in server migration is that the present hosting is cancelled first. Complete the migration process first and then cancel your current hosting. This will avoid any downtime situation or loss of files and data of your website.

2. Download all your backup files

Collect a proper backup of your entire database, files and all of the information that it carries on your current host’s server. Login to the cPanel for accessing the backup. Look for an option called “Backup” and click it to download compressed form of the backup.

3. Get in website started in the new environment

After buying a hosting plan, they will provide you the login details for your new cPanel account. Log in to your cPanel account and upload the backup files to the new server. The process is similar to downloading backups. Navigate to the “Backup Download” tab and select “Backuo Restore”.

4. Change the nameservers

Essentially, this process is to inform your domain registrar that you’ve migrated your website and now you want to use new domain servers. You’re telling the registrar what information to show when people now access your website.

Once this process is complete you have successfully migrated your website. You can now cancel the old hosting plan.

Security FAQ

Availability of the best hosting and domain shows it’s reliability, which is usually measured by its user`s usability and accessibility. This can be arrived at by calculating the number of minutes available in a year. It refers to the time during which a system is in operation. it is determined by observing the duration in which a system serves its purpose.

Common website  hosting issues:
Slow loading speed or recurring downtime . you absolutely expect your website to run fast- and your users do, too.

Lack of security. you want to keep your website`s data safe and sound 

Slow or unresponsive customer  support

Lack of flexibility in hosting plans.

It offers internet hosting and related services, which allow organizations to build their websites . It also enables users to access different websites and the  World Wide Web. It offers a data center that gives users a large amount a space and detailed connectivity properties. Clients also enjoy internet connectivity and tools that allow their websites to run on the servers for easier accessibility by interested parties .

how get free domainWithout SSL

1.connection is not encrypted

2.Browsers like chrome mark all the HTTP pages are not secure

how get free domainWith SSL

1.Secure connection between browser and server

2.It provides trusted environment for website visitors

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to put your website onto the internet for everyone to view. There are many different types of hosting like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, etc. They provide a variety of features which cater to different types of needs.

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Shared hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting option. It is cost-effective and best choice for small and entry-level website. Websites using shared hosting will be sharing resources with other websites on a single server. That’s how the price of shared hosting remain low.

Advantages of shared hosting

  1. It is less expensive.
  2. It is easy to manage with the help of control panel.
  3. Security is also provided.
  4. Scalable

Shared hosting by Gauravgo

Gauravgo provides best in class hosting solutions with reasonable prices. There are four different shared hosting plans provided by Gauravgo. They are – Idea package, Mini Project, Project and Startup. You can choose the plan that best suits your website requirements. If your website traffic increase in the future you can upgrade to a higher plan.

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