6 Inspiring Examples of Web Accessibility

Web accessibility or e-Accessibility ensures that websites and other digital contents are accessible and and usable by every individual, including those with disabilities, this in term forms a crucial aspect of modern web design. Creating accessible websites promotes inclusivity and equal access to information. It also opens up opportunities for businesses to reach a wider audience. Many organizations have taken proactive steps to make their websites more inclusive and provide equal access to information and service to every individual.

In this blog post, we will come across 6 inspiring examples of web accessibility that can inspire you to create more inclusive online experience for all users

The user-friendly interface and simple design of Apple’s website are well known, and their accessible website is no different. On its website, Apple has created a special area that shows its dedication to accessibility.

Inspiring Examples of Web Accessibility

It provides thorough details on how their services and products are created to be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. The website serves as a perfect example of an inclusive approach to web page design because it frequently includes videos, demos, and accessibility guides that tend to offer helpful resources for users with disabilities.

To visit Apple’s Accessibility Website click here .

The BBC News Channel is a name that almost everyone is familiar with when discussing news reporting organizations. But many of us are unaware of the fact that BBC News is also a well-known news website that has made significant improvements in web accessibility. Their website is now accessible to everyone thanks to the inclusion of different accessibility features like alternative text for photos, closed captioning for movies, and keyboard navigation choices. A fantastic example of how to offer inclusive alternatives for all visitors is BBC News, which also offers an accessibility support page that includes instructions on how to modify the website to fit individual needs.

To visit BBC News Website click here .

Dropbox is a well-known supplier of cloud storage and file sharing services that has put a lot of effort into improving web accessibility. Their website has accessibility features like clear headings for screen reader navigation, keyboard navigation, and alternative text for photos.
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Additionally, Dropbox offers a special accessibility help centre with resources and assistance for users with disabilities, serving as a prime illustration of their dedication to inclusivity.

To visit Dropbox Website click here .

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How haven’t heard of Starbucks!  

In addition to becoming a large international coffee corporation, Starbucks has included accessibility features to its website to create a welcoming environment for all visitors. Their website has functions like an image alternative, appropriate coding for screen readers, and unambiguous headings for simple navigation. Starbucks’ websites are accessible to a broad spectrum of users, including those who have visual or mobility disabilities, thanks to the inclusion of a font scaling tool, contrast settings, and keyboard accessibility capabilities.

To visit Starbucks Website click here .


With features like alternative language for photos, keyboard navigation, and clear headings, Airbnb, a well-known service that lets people rent out their homes and other properties, has also designed its website with accessibility in mind. Additionally, they have worked to make their website screen reader-friendly and to label form fields properly. They have also introduced a “High Contrast Mode” option to make their websites accessible to a larger spectrum of users, making them compatible with visually challenged visitors.

To visit Starbucks Website click here .Gauravgo image


If you are a shopaholic you definitely have heard of shopify!

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Popular e-commerce platform Shopify has added a number of web accessibility features to their websites. These consist of descriptive links, keyboard navigation, appropriate heading structure, and alternative text for images. Shopify is a good example for encouraging web accessibility because it also includes an accessibility statement outlining its commitment to diversity and providing details to users with disabilities.

To visit Starbucks Website click here .

Here’s hope you comprehended the text and can put these tips to work to improve your website. In all honesty, the first step towards charming your clients is to ensure that your website’s experience continues to improve. You could definitely understand that web accessibility helps everyone to use the website without any issue. Therefore to help you host your webpages we at GauravGo are providing you with web hosting services. We believe in providing services at minimal prices with a money back guarantee so that anyone creating a webpage can host it. We also  do provide trial packs for fresh users. For further details click here .

So we conclude this post since we believe we have covered a wide range of topics. If you believe we have overlooked something vital, please share it in the comments area below. Guys, keep reading until then!

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