How to create a portfolio website with WordPress

If you're looking for a way to create a portfolio website with WordPress that showcases your skills, experience, and talents, look no further than WordPress. It's a simple and powerful tool that can help you create a portfolio site in minutes. In this article, we'll walk through the steps of setting up your own WordPress site from scratch so you can see just how easy it can be!

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When selecting a WordPress host, keep the following four factors in mind:

  • Scalability: If you wish to explore additional initiatives in the future, your host should be able to manage demanding sites.
  • Security: A decent host should take online security seriously and provide security measures.
  • Support: This is crucial. If something goes wrong with your website, you’ll want to be able to contact a dependable support crew.
  • Reputation: Every web server has detractors, but in general, you should go with one that has an established track record.

GauravGo offers web hosting services to assist you in hosting your webpages. We believe in offering low-cost services with a money-back guarantee so that everyone who creates a website may host it. We also provide trial packs to new users.

This procedure may alter somewhat based on the web host you’ve chosen, but the core procedures stay the same. You’ll obtain access to a private cPanel for your hosting package after signing up with a provider. This will most likely involve a one-click installation of WordPress.

After clicking Install and after a few seconds, you’ll have your own WordPress site! Next, we’ll make it into a lovely portfolio.

This phase is a little more flexible than the rest of the course because we can’t choose the appropriate theme and plugins for your specific needs. We encourage you to search around for a theme that feels perfect for you. You can choose between a versatile theme (such as Zelle Pro) and a theme designed specifically for visual portfolios. You should be OK for so long as your theme has high ratings and documentation.

Now that we’ve got WordPress installed and a functional theme, it’s time to develop our portfolio page. The initial element will be a header – a basic full-width image featuring a clear message and an invitation to action for any prospective customers that visit your site.

The project portfolio is the core and soul of every WordPress portfolio site. It’s simply a collection of your most recent efforts, with links to each one. The Zelle theme has a Portfolio custom post type that allows you to upload new projects from the dashboard

We’re already making significant strides in our portfolio, but there’s still more to be done. An great method to achieve this is to provide your visitors some insight into who you are, such as the crucial information employers want to know about you.

Here are the actions you must take in the correct order:

  • Using the Sections order tab, add an Our emphasis section to your portfolio page.
  • Change the material under Header to “About Me” after entering the Our focus section.
  • Make three (or more) separate widgets in the Our focus area widgets. Each one should include a title, some content, and a picture from your WordPress multimedia library.

Now that you’ve attracted employers’ attention, it’s time to persuade them to get in touch with you. You could simply enter your email address, but a contact form looks a lot more professional.

The contact form offered in this part is ideal for our purposes; all we need to do is change the titles. We may accomplish this by using the Main content tab. Before proceeding to the last step, return to the Big title area, navigate to Content, and enter #contact under First button link. This is known as anchor text, and it connects your call to action to the contact form underneath it.
Here’s how to go about it. If we use Zelle, it has a Contact Us part, but if you like something different, we propose the WPForms plugin. If you’re using Zelle, go back to the Customizer and add a Contact Us part directly after About Me in the Sections order panel. Then go to Settings and input your email address in the appropriate area.


Take a minute to enjoy your work – we’ve just made a simple, professional-looking WordPress portfolio site together!
What happens next is entirely up to you. To begin, read up on everything you can do, whether it’s adding more projects, making distinct pages for each of them, or experimenting with new parts.

Following that, you’ll want to master some advanced ways for expanding your portfolio with the theme.

If you need help with creating a WordPress portfolio, we’re here to help! Our team of experts can create anything from scratch or customize an existing WordPress website. We have a range of resources that will allow you to get started on your own version of a modern portfolio site. Let us know how we can help by contacting us today!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide for your small business. If you follow these tips and have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help!

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