Top 10 cyber security tips at the age of remote work

Top 10 cyber security tips Staying safe online while working from different places is super important. That's what cyber security for remote work is all about! It means making sure our work stuff, like emails and files, stays safe from bad guys who might try to hack on it. We use special codes called passwords to lock our work accounts and make them strong by mixing letters, numbers, and symbols. It's like having a secret code that only we know. We also use tools like VPNs to keep our internet connection super safe when we're working outside our office. Keeping everything updated and learning how to spot tricky things online are also part of staying safe in this remote work world.So Here are 10 personal Cyber Security tips..

top 10 cyber security tipsKeeping your software up to date is super important! You know how your phone or computer gets updates every now and then? Those updates are like little helpers fixing things and making your stuff better. so this type of update to  make sure everything runs smoothly, like making your apps faster or adding some new features. But most importantly, they also try to  hack your device to get the information. It’s like giving your devices a little bit  against viruses and hackers. So, whenever you see that update notification, it’s a good idea to hit that ‘update’ button to keep your devices safe.

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Having use of anti-virus and a firewall is like having super guards for your computer! They help keep away the bad stuff. The anti-virus is like a superhero that finds dangerous viruses which harm our own software and stops viruses – those are like sneaky bugs that can make your computer sick. And the firewall is like a protective wall that checks who’s trying to get in and stops the ones that seem suspicious or not safe. They work together to keep your computer safe from mean things on the internet. So, having them is like having your own team of protectors looking out for your computer to keep it safe and happy!.

Gauravgo imageMaking strong passwords and using a password tool are like having secret codes that keep your stuff safe. Strong passwords are like tricky puzzles that are hard for others to guess, with lots of letters, numbers, and symbols mixed together. A password tool helps remember all these codes so you don’t have to keep them all in your head. It’s like having a special book where you keep all your secret codes safe. By doing this, you make sure your important things stay protected and only you can open them.

Gauravgo image     if we are using  two-factor or multi-factor authentication is like having double locks for your accounts, making them extra safe. Normally, we just use a password to get into our accounts, right? But with two-factor or multi-factor, it’s like having an extra secret code sent to your phone or email. So, even if someone knows your password, they still need this extra code to get in. It’s like having two keys to open a your personal account details so making sure only you can get inside and keeping your stuff super secure!”.

Gauravgo image“Phishing scams are like tricky traps used by bad guys to trick you. They send emails, make phone calls, or give out flyers that look real but are actually fake. They might pretend to be from a bank or a company you know, asking for your personal info like passwords or bank details. But be careful! Always check if the email or call is from a real place. If something seems weird or asks for secret info, it’s better to ask an adult or someone you trust. Being super careful can keep you safe from these sneaky tricks!”.

Gauravgo image“Keeping your personal info safe is really important! Your personal identifiable information (PII) is like your secret stuff – your name, address, or even your ID number. You should keep it super safe, just like hiding your favorite toy. Don’t share it with everyone, only with people you trust, like your family or a teacher. Sometimes bad guys might try to ask for this info in emails or calls, but don’t fall for it! Be smart and keep your special info just for the people you know you can trust.”

Using your phone or tablet safely is super important! Just like keeping your toys safe, you want to keep your mobile devices safe too. Make sure to lock your phone with a secret code or your fingerprint, so only you can open it. Be careful when downloading apps as well.

Gauravgo imageBacking up your data regularly is an overlooked step in personal online security. “Backing up your stuff is like making a copy of your favorite book or toy, so you never lose it. Your data is all the important things on your computer or phone, like photos, documents, or music. By making a backup, you’re keeping another copy in a safe place, just in case something happens to your device. It’s like having a spare key for your treasure box! You can back up your data on an external hard drive or use cloud storage – it’s like having a secret hideout for your special things, so you never have to worry about losing them.”

Gauravgo image “Avoid using public Wi-Fi, like the free internet in cafes or parks and railway station  for important things. Public Wi-Fi is like a big open space where everyone can see what you’re doing. Bad guys can sneak in and peek at your private things, like passwords or bank details. It’s safer to use your own Wi-Fi at home or a secure network. If you need to use public Wi-Fi, it’s better for things like browsing websites or watching videos, but avoid logging into important accounts or doing bank transactions. Keeping your private stuff safe is like keeping it locked away in your own secret room!”.


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“Checking your online accounts and credit reports regularly is like looking at your favorite comic book to make sure it’s all good. Your online accounts, like emails or social media, and your credit report, which shows your money stuff, should be checked often. Look for anything strange or different, like unexpected purchases or logins from places you didn’t visit. If you see something odd, it’s like finding a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit – you should tell an adult or someone you trust. Keeping an eye on your accounts and reports is like being a detective, making sure everything stays just right!”.

Gauravgo imageToday’s organizations confront a wide range of cyber security concerns. However, there are solutions to potentially lessen hazards and even secure computer systems, networks, and data for each threat. Using a comprehensive cybersecurity platform is one method to safeguard a company from all of these risks.

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