Critical Activities to do After Purchasing a Domain Name

Purchasing and configuring a domain might seem disturbingly similar to purchasing a home and relocating all of your belongings. When you've finally picked and acquired your domain name, it may feel like the hard part is over, but there's still a lot of setup and administration to complete.Don't be concerned if you're feeling overwhelmed. This essay will go over the six critical activities you should do after purchasing your domain. This checklist will walk you through the most crucial procedures, such as determining a domain-specific email address and establishing a dedicated business phone system.Let’s get started!

Gauravgo imageFirst and foremost, you’ve purchased a domain and now require a home for it. To put it another way, you must select a host and a hosting package.

You have two choices. Look for a separate web hosting service or utilise a domain registry and web hosting package.

Most likely, you got your domain name from a company that also provides hosting services. There are several firms that sell both web hosting and domain names. Purchasing both from the same service has several benefits.

To begin, you won’t have to bother about linking your name and hosting service; they’ll sync automatically. Second, a company that provides both name and hosting services will frequently include additional package bonuses that will make your life easier in the long run.

GauravGo, for example, is a popular web hosting and domain registering service (you may be acquainted with it if you’re reading this post).

Gauravgo imageYou acquire a new address when you move into a new house. Obtaining a domain-specific email address is similar to obtaining a new postal address. People need to know where you are and how they can contact you right now.

Aside from analogies, creating a bespoke email address that corresponds to your domain provides you a professional polish that a or account cannot equal.

Fortunately, most web hosting and domain registrar providers include domain-specific email addresses in their plans. The majority of programmes give one free email and the opportunity to add more as needed, while some higher-tier plans may include numerous emails.

You can go crazy with your new domain-specific email address – acquire business cards, design corporate coffee mugs, everything you can think of to market your new email and get your company name out there.

Gauravgo imageCheck the domain name and web host. Check for a domain-specific email address.

The following step is to ensure that your social media presence is consistent with your new website and email address. Check all of your current accounts, as well as any new ones, to check whether your exact business name, or something similar, is available. You’ll want to make sure your company’s identity and tone on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other channels are consistent with your website.

Because domain names are such an important aspect of branding these days, it may be useful to examine what social media names are available before purchasing your domain name.

If you can’t get an exact match, try adding a unique label, like an abbreviation for the country you operate in, such as CoolStoreUS or CoolStoreUK. It’ll work for your social media if it’s close to your business name. 

Try your best to use the same name across your social media profiles so people don’t confuse your business with another account. This rule also applies to subdomains connected to Linktree, digital business cards, or any other URL that connects to your business.

Try your best to use the same name across your social media profiles so people don’t confuse your business with another account.

Gauravgo imageAssume you’ve recently launched a new customer engagement software firm. You’ve got a terrific company name, a website under construction, a domain-specific email address, and corresponding social media.

Before you congratulate yourself, one of the most crucial things you still need to do to set up your firm is to register and trademark your company name.

In 2019, over one million individuals applied for trademarks.

When it comes to registering your name, you have various alternatives.

To register your firm, you must first select whether it will be an LLC (limited liability company) or a corporation. The kind of your firm, the number of individuals in charge, and your tax situation will all influence your decision.

You must file registration documentation with your state’s authorities in any case, but once the paperwork is accepted, you will have a registered business.

Trademarking your company provides additional legal protection for it. While some states permit trademark registration, federal trademark registration is the most complete option for trademarking your firm.

Federal trademark registration is more involved and costly, but it ensures that your company’s name is protected nationally. It provides you with greater legal protection and operational flexibility.

Gauravgo imageDon’t make the mistake of utilising your personal mobile phone number for business calls after you’ve set up your firm with a dedicated website, email address, and social media. This is not only disrespectful, but do you want to give out your personal phone number to anyone?

Invest in a dedicated small business phone system and fax line (which is still highly important for healthcare organisations) to streamline your operations and solidify your brand throughout communications.

Choosing a cloud-based solution is your best choice, since they frequently incorporate game-changing capabilities.

Consider Dialpad’s all-inclusive cloud-based business phone solution. You may make HD calls on many devices and choose from a range of plans at various pricing points. You may also select a local or toll-free number so that clients can reach you from anywhere in the world.

Dialpad’s virtual fax technology allows you to send and receive faxes just like emails, eliminating the need for large, expensive equipment — it’s convenient and environmentally friendly.

A business phone system, such as Dialpad, allows you to bring phone and fax capabilities into the twenty-first century, allowing you to maximise your business while preserving your personal phone number for friends and family.

Gauravgo imageYou get to paint, acquire furnishings, and make your new house your own once you’ve moved in and signed all the papers.

After you’ve finished all of your website administration, you can begin designing and developing your website. Having a clear vision of your company and brand will assist you in designing your website.

If the prospect of developing a website seems daunting, try hiring a web developer to assist you. If you believe you can manage the task, there are several internet platforms that can help. WordPress is a popular choice, powering 39.5% of all websites on the Internet.

Don’t forget to develop your website as your business expands once you’ve decided on the style and content.

To attract consumers and generate leads, produce compelling content. Create an SEO plan to ensure that you are optimising keywords and links to drive traffic to your site.

Gauravgo image

So, to summarise:

  • Locate a provider that will assist you in registering a domain and providing web hosting.
  • Make your own domain-specific email address.
  • Match the names of your social media accounts to your domain.
  • Register and protect your domain name.
  • Enroll in a dedicated phone and fax line.
  • Create your website and content as your company expands.
    You now have six simple steps to do to get started and make the most of your new domain. Once you’ve established these critical behaviours, you’ll have a firm foundation to expand on as your business grows.

In the end, setting up your domain will be far easier than transferring, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

GauravGo  is also one of the growing startup. We provide hosting services.

We’re here to assist you in making the most of your hosting experience! GauravGo! We strive to provide our clients with the best user experience possible, as well as a range of hosting alternatives suited to their specific needs. With our unrivalled hosting services, created specifically for early-stage companies and students. Everyone will receive one month of free hosting and a sub-domain, as well as up to 75% more cheap hosting servers and a 3X easier-to-use interface with personalised customer assistance.

For further details, please see our website.

Keep informed and safe till then.

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